Children Bedroom Ideas: For those who are football mad!

How would you like to be the hero of your son/daughter!? As I was when I was younger, it was my dream to have a bedroom with everything football dominating it. From lamps and pillows to bedsheets and wallpaper. I wanted it all in my room, however when I was a child, the internet wasn’t as big as it was now and it would have been difficult to get your hands on the products I’m about to show you. Being able to do this on a budget is probably the most difficult thing as I’m sure you’d think that it wouldn’t be cheap to do this. Having scoured the internet for these deals, bargains and the best buys I present to you the ULTIMATE guide to decorating your little one’s room into a football kingdom!

Step 1: Choose a bedsheet!

Naturally, whether you have a boy or a girl will determine what colours you wish to go for here. The options below give you a great idea in terms of how cool a new duvet cover can be for any child in your household. These ones are also not that expensive and can be found at great deals by clicking the image.

This first option is great value and is currently Amazon’s choice in the category of children’s football bedding. 


The second choice I feel is a great bargain is this multicoloured duvet, which I feel is ideal for a girl as well as a boy. The footballs displayed are a mix of colours and would look great in any bedroom. That’s why I’m making it my Star Buy out of the bed cover selections. If this one tickles your fancy, feel free to take a closer look.


The third and final bedsheet option is a classy darker sheet with a cool grey and yellow finish. It would go well in any room and once again is very gender neutral.

Step 2: Choose some accessories!

The next step is to start having fun and be creative. I’ve put together a list of miscellaneous things you can buy for the bedroom. There are limitless combinations you can put together in order to create the ultimate football bedroom for your child.

The first accessory I’ve chosen is this furry football rug. It looks really cool and can be placed in any area of the room.


The second accessory I feel is super for any child is this football light that hangs from your ceiling. It’s noticeable and would look much cooler than a normal boring light.


The next accessory is my Star product for this section. It is also an Amazon Choice product for this category meaning it has an official seal of approval. This football chair is awesome! Comfy and stylish, it is perfect for any boy or girl who is in love with the beautiful game.


Tell me one kid in this world that wouldn’t love a bean bag?! I don’t think there are any. This next idea is a football based bean bag. Similar to the chair above this would be perfect in any kind of children’s playroom. I’m 24 and even I might get one!

The final accessory is a football wall clock. And yep you guessed it, the design is based on a… football! This is the final icing on the cake for your son or daughter’s bedroom. Or who knows, maybe even your bedroom! 😉


Step 3: Make sure your child is kitted out!

After everything has been done, it is important that your son or daughter has the matching attire to go with their new bedroom! Here are my final recommendations and ideas to really put the finishing touches on the ultimate football bedroom!


Firstly, all kids need a cost pair of slippers for the winter. These ones disguised as footballs are idea for warmth and style!


In addition to the slippers, a matching dressing gown is essential! This gown comes in various colours and all look very sleek and awesome!



The very final product I feel would go well with a themed bedroom is this pillow slash football. I had one growing up and it lasted years and provided many great matches in the lounge!


There you have it, my recommended product guide for your little ones new bedroom or if your just looking for some fresh inspiration.

Please leave any comments about your favourite football product or any other ideas you can contribute.

Keep your eyes peeled on my site as I will be creating similar articles for football lovers of all ages!

Thank you for reading!

Andrew 🙂 


  1. These are all awesome ideas! I have three boys and two play soccer. I know that they will love all these accessories for sure! I personally like the lamp. Actually it all looks great together! Might have to do some shopping now!

  2. Some really good ideas here. I took your advice on the bedsheet and pillow footballs, both my boys love it. Like you said, plenty of classic matches in the lounge!

  3. Ugh, I haven’t got a kid yet but my husband is indeed a football mad. Can’t imagine if my bed sheets are changed into football prints!

    Anyway, I do like all your recommendations! Nice review!

  4. Hello Andrew, great post. I don’t have any kids, and I do not know anybody who is a fan of football. This site is perfect for anyone that is into the sport. Thanks again, and I wish you great success with your site!!!

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