Mourinho: 5 Reasons He has Failed at Man United

In May 2016, Jose Mourinho joined Manchester United in a bid to revitalise the club from their current slump. Optimism, hope and excitement were all emotions surrounding the club with his arrival. Ever since Sir Alex retired, the club has failed to reach the previous heights of Champions Leagu success and Premiership titles on a consistent basis. Mourinho was seen as the saviour, the big money move to success that will propel the club back to where it wants to be. However, 2 years and £300 million later, things aren’t going as planned. This season alone, they have been knocked out by Derby County in the cup, drawn at home to newly promoted Wolves, destroyed by West Ham and heavily defeated by Tottenham at Old Trafford.

Where did it all go wrong? Below are my five reasons why Mourinho has outstayed his welcome…

1. He has spent a ridiculous amount of cash on overpaid, foreign talent who don’t care about the club and don’t play for the jersey.

Half of them spend too much time on Twitter showing off their haircuts or doing TV commercials. For example:


It’s not what football is about and, in a way, sums up the situation. However, this could be said of other premier league teams as well. He has hand-picked players from around the world with the hope that they somehow play together and form a team. I feel this is a temporary fix and doesn’t sustain in the long run. This is a downside to the English game as a whole and often during the big games, the only person on the pitch from England is the ref!

2. He produces boring, defensive football.

People often say he parks the bus, and they’re correct! Fortune favours the brave, meaning that playing not to lose is a weak strategy in my opinion. It just isn’t entertaining and the man in the glasses backs up my statement…

When I think back to when Man United beat Arsenal 8-2 and Tottenham 5-2, it seems a million years ago – it certainly is in terms of playing quality. Mourinho’s style may get him the results now and again, but you don’t watch a movie for the ending, you watch it for the experience and journey! And unfortunately he doesn’t fit in with the United way from that perspective.

3. His attitude is poor.

Mourinho is like a spoiled child not getting what he wants. It’s ALWAYS somebody else’s fault, never his. Either the referee, the linesman, opposing players, programme seller or even the boy who heats the pies! The list goes on. His tantrums of walking out of press conferences after another loss are embarrassing and unnecessary. Often the press are asking simple questions, but he takes them personally like telling a child you can’t go to your friends for a sleepover.

Or saying no Ice cream to little Jimmy! It’s childish and really makes him unlikable. You could argue, it doesn’t matter if he’s liked, as long as he’s respected. I personally don’t even respect him. Another reason I feel time is up for the big man!

4. He has lost trust and respect from the Old Trafford faithful.

Matches have no atmosphere anymore, you can hear a pin drop. Twitter is full of Mourinho out hashtags and the comments on the Facebook pages are similar. If you lose the fans, it’s very much an uphill battle. It’s like trying to drive a bus with two wheels!

I guess he’s only trying to park the bus so maybe that works?! Trust takes so long to build up but it can be broken instantly. Losing (or not even having it in the first place) the trust and bond with the fans is the beginning of the end!

5. Finally, he just simply isn’t Man United!

He doesn’t fit the role. Mourinho is like somebody turning up for a job in a bank dressed as a tennis player, it just doesn’t fit. It’s not quite right. Somewhere down the line somebody has made a wrong decision.

I still believe Ryan Giggs was a bold but promising move, somebody who knows the values and workings of the club inside out. Even one day I think that could happen still with Scholes as his sidekick. But who knows what’s going to happen in the lead up to Christmas and beyond. All remains to be seen!

There you have it, my opinion on Man United’s current situation. I’d love to know if you agree or disagree with me. Everybody has their opinion and I respect that. So, until next time…



  1. Very much agree with this, and it’s written as if it’s a conversation in a pub which is refreshing.

    Keep ’em coming!

  2. Great article. Think your spot on there about the tantrums. It was the same at Chelsea, It was all going fine then when it doesn’t go his way and the pressure starts building up he starts acting like a child and that just loses the respect of the fans, the press and the players. Certainly don’t individal out the bad players. Once you start that then you’ve lost the club.

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