Revealed: The top 5 most and least expensive teams to follow in the Premier League in 2018.

With football becoming more and more expensive these days due to TV money, I have often wondered where you get the best and worst deal for your buck! I’m also going to reveal where the place you HAVE to go to watch your games is to get the most enjoyment for your money…

Arsenal, Tottenham, Chelsea, Liverpool and Newcastle top the charts with the most expensive season tickets, leaving Huddersfield, Man City, West Ham, Cardiff and Fulham with the lowest prices for the same amount of matches.

Below I reveal exactly how much each team is setting you back for a season the England’s top tier.


1. Arsenal

Arsenal are the most expensive, in terms of season tickets, in the the UK. Fancy watching Emery’s gunners from August till May? You better get ready to fork out. The cheapest season ticket at the Emirate is … £819! That is the equivalent to: 3,027 latte’s from Costa, 8,190 10p Freddos or home shirts for the whole team at £50 a pop!

Bearing in mind that’s the cheapest seats. You’re probably on the roof with binoculars. Is it worth it? It depends how much you can afford it or if you’d rather get brownie points by taking the family away to Spain. Going by last season, you’d be paying £11 per goal.


2. Tottenham

In at number 2 is just across London, with the cheapest Tottenham ticket coming in at £795. This is basically the same as Arsenal, however having scored the same amount of goals last season as them, your technically getting a better return for your cash. And the team also finished higher above Arsenal in the league.

There is also the added excitement of the new stadium which is due open soon, having been delayed from its original opening date. So far, Spurs are giving you a better deal than Arsenal.

3. Chelsea

Next up is once again a London team. I’m starting to notice a trend here! Chelsea. With the lowest priced season ticket coming in at £750, you’re getting a slightly better deal than its fellow London counterparts. However, Stamford Bridge is the smallest out of the three stadiums, meaning it’s probably the hardest ground to get tickets to.

You also get a bonus with Chelsea tickets… they double up as Man City tickets. You can go to either ground, depending on whose in form at the time 😉 I joke of course… kinda. Chelsea finished inbetween Tottenham and Arsenal, but they seem to be in form this season.

4. Liverpool

Liverpool come up next, costing only £685. Yes ONLY £685… Out of all the top teams, I’ve found Liverpool to be the most entertaining in recent seasons. With the recent expansion of Anfield and the great European night atmosphere’s, I’d say this ticket is better value than all their London rivals. But similar to Chelsea, I’d imagine getting your hands on a ticket difficult with the large following Liverpool have.

5. Newcastle

Now here comes the surprise of the day. Newcastle are next behind Liverpool and the big London teams. This therefore makes the Toon the WORST value you can possibly get this season. Sitting 17th in the league, having had numerous 0-0’s, paying £571 for a season ticket is crazy.

It’d be like paying for a Golf GTI and in return receiving a Fiat Punto with the hub caps missing. Something doesn’t add up there at all… You can even watch Man United and Everton for a cheaper price.

Talking of cheap, I’m about to delve into the opposite end of the spectrum. The cheapest English Premier League tickets of 2018! There are the best value and you’d be surprised at whose in the list! It’s not what you’d expect…

1. Huddersfield

The cheapest ticket in the whole of the Premier league is… relative new boys Huddersfield! To witness the Terriers in action, all you need is to fork out is £299! Bargain! That’s a very low price to witness the high quality of the Premier League every second week. That’s less than £16 per game!

Although it’s only their second season, it is still great they are keeping their dignity and not getting big headed in the richest league in the world. I’m sure some of the lower leagues would have more expensive tickets than that! Good on Huddersfield!

2. Manchester City

The second cheapest season ticket available will surprise you no end! It’s the current title holders Manchester City! Only £11 more expensive than the Terriers, a low cost City season ticket will only set you back £310. And with City’s ground being fairly new, I’m sure even the cheap seats would allow for brilliant viewing. This should be an example to the rest of the division, highlighting that expensive tickets don’t necessarily mean a better team. If that was the case Newcastle would be in the top four.

I also feel that there is so much money coming in from foreign owners, it isn’t necessary to charge the average man on the street extortionate prices to watch his team play. There is a lot of negativity around foreign investment, but this I feel is one of the positives.

3. West Ham

Next in line is West Ham, which doesn’t surprise me. Although they are a fellow London team of Arsenal, Chelsea and Spurs, the Hammers stand for something different. They are a true working mans team. Their club is based on heritage and providing football for the east side of London. They have stayed true to their roots and provided a fairly cheap season ticket at the Olympic Stadium, costing just £320 per season.

Although it is claimed the atmosphere was better in the recently demolished Boleyn ground, the new stadium can hold a lot more people, meaning moe families and children can enjoy the Premier League experience!

4. Cardiff City

The fourth cheapest season ticket in the English league is… a Welsh team… Cardiff City! At £329, being able to witness the top tier in British football in a different country is something that would seem alien to people 20 years ago. It is great to see teams like Cardiff and Huddersfield keeping football for everybody, even in this day and age of TV money.

Before I discuss the final cheapest season ticket, remember I’ve got a surprise at the end in terms of where I think the best value can be found in modern day football. But first…

5. Fulham

This surprises me, but a London team comes in next at £349, joint with Cardiff. Fulham are the final cheap ticket on my list, which I wouldn’t have expected considering the high wealth in the area. If they start climbing the table, I reckon this could change in the near, however for now you can watch Fulham for less than £20 a game. Which is fantastic and once again, beats a lot of English Championship teams.

That concludes my top 5 cheapest and most expensive season tickets in the English Premier League. Now I don’t expect you to change allegiances just because a season ticket is cheaper.

But here is my big reveal. I hear you ask… Andrew, where can I get the best value for my money to watch football?

The answer…


The Germans seem to have a different philosophy about football than the British Clubs.

You can watch the newly promoted Fortuna Dusseldorf for £97 a season!

That’s crazy! The average ticket match price in the Bundesliga is £20, resulting in one of the highest attendance % inside the stadiums. A staggering 92% occupancy rate.


Bayern Munich Chairman, Christian Seifart, claimed that common sense has to prevail or the German people will revolt. Similar to the German supermarket Aldi, their values are based on high quality and quantity for a good price.


As I mentioned earlier, do the English clubs need the extra revenue from the increase in price tickets? This philosophy is treating the Germans well, with the national team also doing better in global tournaments than England.


So there you have it. The best and worst value you can get in English football!


Let me know below if you’ve had to pay any crazy prices for any games you’ve been at. I’m interested to hear!


Over and out, till next time…




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