Can a Matched Betting Expert Help You Win Money?

If you haven’t already discovered Matched Betting, you’re seriously shooting yourself in the foot. Ever since coming across this sneaky, yet completely legal method of sports gambling, I have never looked back.

What Is Matched Betting?

  • Matched Betting involves using those free bets that the bookmakers constantly give out.
  • By using a Matched Betting Calculator to work out how much to place on the bet, you can relax knowing that whatever outcome occurs, you will have a secured profit.
  • You also have to place another bet, covering the other outcomes of the match on another site.
  • This sounds confusing, but when you see it on a screen it all becomes much clearer.

Can I get in trouble? Is it legal?

100% legal! There is nothing saying that you can’t do this. And because you are placing the bets on with different bookmakers, you are taking money off different companies, so nobody will realise what you are doing. It is all very self explanatory when you get into it.

People are also quite lazy, so they won’t take the time to do it. They’d rather lump a tenner on a horse and hope it wins than play the safely but surely way.

Are there any risks?

The only risk is when you don’t follow the guidelines to the tee, you can make an error. It’s like a game of battleships. One wrong move and you could lose everything. But this is easily avoidable as long as you do exactly as your told for each bet.

Can I do this if I don't have any knowledge on Sports Betting?

That’s the beauty of Matched Betting, it is specifically designed so that you don’t need to have knowledge on football teams or horses. All you need is a computer, a bank account and the ability to spend an hour a day maximum placing the bets. That’s all there really is to it.

How can I get started?

You now have two options.

  1. Begin the process of trial and error on your own. This is essentially going back to your old methods of probably losing money.
  2. Acquire the skills and knowledge of either of the following Matched Betting Experts. Both have their benefits and will provide you with the step by step system to finally start making money back from the bookies.

This is one I’m very excited to share with you.

What is it?

Profit Maximiser is a system that has been developed and perfected by Mike Cruikshank (look him up on google) that has resulted in thousands of people slowly but carefully getting one over on the betting companies out there.

Mike has an odds beating formula that has worked consistently across all boards.

He uses a mixture of matched betting (a method of utilising the free bets bookies dish out whilst covering any potential losses with another bookie, very risk free) along with taking advantage of loopholes and unknown legit secrets in the system.

Below are reviews from Betting reviewers, who are usually very harsh on the different ‘Tipsters’ that grace the internet…

Mike also puts a lot of time and effort into researching the different matches and the form of all the teams involved. He takes advantage of the casino aspect too, which most other tipsters do not.

The videos also explain everything, so you could probably teach your Gran to do it, it’s that simple.

  • Instant Access to Mike’s secret software and tips, with numerous bets available from the off.
  • Instant Access to his private memebrs forum where you can see other people who have had success with Profit Maximiser.
  • Everything is laid out for you on a plate through videos and tutorials.
  • If you simply purchase the £1 trial, I will refund you £2 via paypal. Simply forward your receipt to and I will send you £2. However, make sure that you sign up via the More Information Button below or it won’t link back to this page. I am doing this to thank you for visiting my website and to offer you the matched betting formula for free. I hate having to trial something new and pay for it. So enjoy! The worst that can happen is you make £1!
  • Updated software daily.

The Profit Maximiser is really a unique and devious tactic for finally beating that bookie!

Don’t just take my word for it, click the button below to here the expert himself tell you more!

Comment below or email me if you have any questions about the free trial or Matched Betting in general.

Clear Bonus Profits is a similar system to the profit Maximiser. A £1 trial is offered also to show you how effective the programme is for the first week, which can be cancelled at anytime.

After that it is less than £20 a month, but what you earn far outweighs the small subscription fee.


Once again the matched betting formula comes into play and having an expert system to guide you by the hand is very important because if you don’t then you are likely to go wrong and lose money, which we don’t want!

All you have to do is follow the step by step videos and instructions on how to place the bets. The bottom line is that no matter what outcome occurs in the game, you will be in profit due to the way the Clear Bonus System works!

I’ll take those odds any day!

The button below also has a quick video explaining how it works in detail.

3. Free Facebook Tipsters

Another option is simply by using a free Facebook tipster. There are plenty of them all across social media.

In terms of advantages, they’re free and you’re not committed to anything financially, which comforts some people.

There is one problem though…

You could argue that they are more risky due to the fact anybody can start a Facebook group. You don’t know whose giving the tips.

I’ve also seen pages that delete any posts that include losing bets, which is very off putting.

You’d be getting foggy results from these pages and more often than not it’s just somebody stringing together some.

People also say… “oh there’s less risk with a free page”, however isn’t there more risk due to the fact your placing bets with an unknown source?

Put it this way, would you rather pay for a flight with British Airways or get a free one from some guy named Dave who claims he’s an expert?

The option is always open to you and it’s something to think about.


4. Sports Almanac

This is the ONLY way to 100% guarantee profit. Simply find out the results from tomorrow’s matches by travelling forward in time and then place the appropriate bets when you return. And message me too of course.

On a serious note, never pay somebody to tell you a fixed result. This is a scam. No results are fixed that take place in front of a live audience. Also, if somebody knew a result why would they waste time telling people about it and not just put more money on the bet?

Always think logically and be sensible about betting. Especially if you can’t afford it.

Is a matched betting expert a fool proof plan?

Having done matched betting myself, I have to admit, it is a genius idea and WILL bring your profit if you are patient.

It takes time and a bit of effort in order to build up your money. It’s not an overnight task.

You are also slightly limited by the free bets available and the odds that are presented.


In summary, I would recommend using an expert tipster/matched betting service.

You’ll save time making errors and wasting cash.

Using either Mike’s Profit Maximiser or Clear Bonus Profits is the best way to go.

However, always be careful and live within your means!

Until next time!


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  1. An interesting article, I’ve used one called Profit Accumulator before too which also worked wonders.

    Not as well as Gray’s Sports Almanac though. Better phone Doc and go back 3 years to get it haha!

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