The 5 Reasons I prefer the Scottish Premier League Over the English Premiership

Now I reckon I’m gonna get some hate for this article and I can understand why… The English Premiership is branded as the best league in the world. Financially, it’s very difficult to compete with, however it certainly isn’t my first choice for entertainment on a Saturday afternoon.

I genuinely prefer watching a Scottish Premier League game than an English one. Maybe the quality isn’t as good and it’s certainly a lot colder. Since I am Scottish I guess I’m also biased. However, below I reveal exactly the reasoning behind this crazy statement. I will also give you the chance to let me know if you think I’m talking nonsense…!

Number 1 – Now this first statement isn’t massively true for all the games, but I find the English Premier League really boring. The amount of times recently I’ve sat down to watch the Liverpool derby or Man United Arsenal, and it just isn’t the same as before. As the highest quality players have been picked out from all over the world, they all seem to cancel each other out in a way. I feel it’s like watching chess sometimes. In the SPFL, it almost helps the fact each team has the odd dodgy player, such as Effe Ambrose. It’s like that bit of oil that loosens the game up so that something actually happens.

Number 2 – The way the Premier League has developed, the fans seem to be coming from all over the place to support their teams. Man U fans coming from London, Chelsea fans coming from Inverness and Man City fans coming from half of Asia! It’s almost become a global brand from around the world, like American Football. People pick a team they like and then support them from the pub every weekend. This was summed up when Tottenham players were getting selfies from Man United Asian fans after they humped them earlier this season. To me, this just sums up the watered down nature of the league and the weak association fans have to the clubs. Imagine if after the old firm derby, Scott Brown got photos with Rangers fans or if after Hibs beat Hearts, Neil Lennon went and signed autographs for the Jambos?? It wouldn’t happen and I hope it never does!

Number 3 – Similar to the previous point, I feel the players don’t have much loyalty to the club they’re with. They simply go where the money is, whether that’s Man U, Chelsea or City. Also, as many of them are from outside England, this doesn’t make a difference to their choice. They don’t really care about the clubs, they have no passion. On the contrary, so many Scottish clubs bring up youth players and nurture them through to the main team and beyond. With the top English teams, there seems to be very few coming out of the youth academies compared to how many are actually going in! It doesn’t seem a healthy system, with arguably the only people benefiting being the teams these youngsters are being loaned out to. I feel this system translates onto the pitch, with a slight lack of passion from the English premier league players, as they seem to be more bothered about their expensive haircut or appearing in adverts for Head and Shoulders!

Number 4It is becoming a rich mans playground in terms of the owners. Foreign investors are becoming more common and their aim is to pump enough cash into the team they choose until they become successful. It’s like they throw the dice and see what club they land on. Then they throw money at it and hope it somehow becomes a success. It’s like a fun game. A side hobby if you will. What is going to happen is it’s going to get worse and worse. It’ll soon be the case that unless you have millions in the bank, your club won’t be able to compete at all. I feel this is disconnecting football from its roots and currently, Scotland doesn’t have this issue. However, once all the English clubs are filled up with rich owners, I’m sure they’ll venture south of the border. Maybe not to the same extent but I do feel it will creep into the Scottish game at some point. Therefore the ‘rich owners’ is the fourth reason that I prefer the Scottish game to the English Premier league currently.

Number 5 – My final reason is a very general one. Nothing beats a Scotsman’s passion for football (in my opinion)! When I go to games, I see so much passion and excitement, I don’t feel it can be rivalled. Understandably, some games have crowds of less than 2,000 fans, making the atmosphere really bad. However, the bigger matches such as the old firm, the Edinburgh derby, the Dundee derby and even Aberdeen Rangers all have some of the best atmospheres in world football. Yes, I said it. The tartan army are also supposedly the best fans in the world, even though we haven’t been to a tournament in a while… I reckon 95% of the fans attending the games are local and have the teams blood through their veins. It may not be as glamorous as English football on a number of levels, but it has kept its roots a lot more and provides a true representation of what Scotland are about and how the beautiful game was always meant to be.

Anyways, back to Man United Liverpool…

Let me know your thoughts on this! Do you prefer the glamorous football of the English Premier League? Or do you prefer the more raw Scottish Premier League? Or do you even like to watch amateur football on a Saturday afternoon?

Comment below your team and views on the matter!

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  1. I agree with a lot of what you say! In fact all of it. And can you imagine if and when Scotland get into the major tournaments again!

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